1) April (Oleg Kireyev) (6:30)
2) Inwardly (Keith Javors) (5:51)
3) Estate (Martino/Brighetti) (6:58)
4) The Meeting (Keith Javors) (5:58)
5) Caravan (Tizol/Ellington) (8:06)
6) Body and Soul
(Heyman/Sour/Eyton/Green) (3:41)
7) Fresh Blues (Oleg Kireyev) (4:58)
8) April (alt. take) (Oleg Kireyev) (6:37)*
9) Fresh Blues (alt. take)
(Oleg Kireyev) (5:06)*
*Deluxe Version Only Total Playing Time: 54:02 


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Tom Harrell -trumpet/flugelhorn
Oleg Kireyev - tenor saxophone and vocals
Keith Javors - piano
Ben Williams - acoustic bass
E.J. Strickland - drums


Recorded at Water Music Recorders on October 28, 2013
Executive Producer: Keith Javors Produced by Oleg Kireyev and Keith Javors Recording Engineer: Alessandro Perrotta Assistant Engineers: Sean Kelly
and Ernie Indradat
Mastering Engineer: Bob Katz, Digital Domain Production Assistant: Will Norton
CD Package Design: Eric Beatty
Studio Photography: Fran Kaufman
Liner Notes: Howard Mandel

© 2016 Inarhyme Records, a division of the Inarhyme Music Group, LLC, P.O. Box 22126, Philadelphia, PA, 19136, Tel: (800) 453-3034, Fax: (800) 453-3073. All rights reserved. FBI Anti-Piracy Warning: Unauthorized Copying Is Punishable
Under Federal Law.


Press Quotes:


"Captures a time as only the most experienced and proficient musicians can – with style and real substance within the playing." — The Jazz Breakfast

"One of the best jazz albums that I've heard in 2016!... Bound to become a jazz classic." — Improvijazzation Nation

"Muscular and musical." — Jazz Weekly

"The Meeting", with Tom Harrell’s buoyant contribution, takes the collaboration to a new height." — Rifftides (Doug Ramsey)

"The rhythm section digs in, handily driving this solid set of mainstream jazz, highlighted by Harrell's gorgeous, conversational, always brilliant soloing, and that of the co-leaders." — Jazzlands

"The idea that self-reflection needn't be a gloomy exercise is expressed through Strickland's effervescent punctuations, as well as through the sun — warmed horns of Kireyev and Harrell and the lithe yet meaningful ministrations of Javors and Williams." — Jazziz



cover duo 1000

1. Intro (Oleg Kireyev)
2. Summertime (George Gershwin)
3. Song For My Brothers (Oleg Kireyev)
4. Sweet Woman (Oleg Kireyev)
5. Laplandia (Oleg Kireyev)
6. Prelude #1 (Evgeniy Grechishev)
7. Prelude #4 (Evgeniy Grechishev)
8. Why? (Evgeniy Grechishev)

Oleg Kireyev – saxophone; Evgeniy Grechishev – piano.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at «Tonstudia» («Mosfilm» cinema concern); Andrey Levin (recording, mixing); Vladimir Ovchinnikov (mastering).

Photo: Alexander Sternin.

Design: Alexander Medvedev.

Executive producer: Nickolay 'BigNICK' Bogaichuk.

Issued in 2014


Barcode: 1977721673952

Publisher: «ArtBeat», 127051, Moscow, Trubnaya str., 32, building 4.

Sales dept: +7 (495) 625-33-88 

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1. Bashkir Caravan
2. Interlude
3. Tatar Dance
4. Salavat
5. Interlude 2
6. Kuvash Kupere

Bonus track: Tatar Dance (radio version)

Authors: Oleg Kireyev (1-3, 5, bonus track), Rustem Galiullin (4-6).
Musicians: Oleg Kireyev – saxophones, vocal; Rustem Galiullin - trumpet; Vladislav Senchillo - keyboards; Rustem Karimov - drums; Oleg Yangurov - bass guitar; Ruslan Kapitonov - perussion.

Record made in Mark Rozovsky studio, 2012, Moscow with the President of Bashkiria grant support.


Mastering, mixing: Vladislav Senchillo.

Design: Alexander Medvedev.

Record producer: Nikolay 'BigNICK' Bogaychuk.
CD Release: 2014

Catalog number: AB–CD–09–2014–065
Bar code: 1977721673464

2 CD.
Booklet in Russian anв english version.


Bonus CD – «Bashkir Legends»

Track list:

1. Abdrachman

2. Karabay
3. Singing Cane
4. Bashkirian Country Blues
5. Sabantyi
6. Snowy April

Author: Oleg Kireyev

Musicians: Oleg Kireyev – saxophones, keyboards; Rustem Galiullin – trumpet; Igor Suchkov – piano; Oleg Yangurov – bass guitar, double bass; Rustem Karimov – drums; Robert Yuldashev – kuray.

The album was recorded at the All-Union Recording Studio in 1989
Sound engineer: Rafik Ragimov.
Design: Alexander Medvedev.

Record producer: Nikolay 'BigNICK' Bogaychuk
CD Release: 2014


Orlan cover

1. Bashkir Caravan (O.Kireyev)

2. Interlude 1 (O.Kireyev)
3. Tatar Dance (O.Kireyev)
4. Salavat (R. Galiullin)
5. Interlude 2 (O. Kireyev)
6. Kuvash Kupere (R.Galiullin)
7. Tatar Dance (radio version) (O. Kireyev)




Oleg Kireyev (saxophones, vocal) Rustem Galiullin (trumpet) Vladislav Senchillo (keyboards) Rustem Karimov (drums) Rustem Yanbaev (keyboards) Oleg Yangurov (bass guitar) Ruslan Kapitonov (percussion)


Album recorded on Mark Rozovsky Theatre studio, Moscow, 2012.

Style: Ethno Jazz, fusion


Saxophonist Oleg Kireyev is one of the few many-sided musicians in contemporary Russian jazz. He is equally interested in mainstream and modal jazz as well as in fusion and ethnic music — and so on. However, he seems to have long-standing relationships with the twisted ways of ethnic music in jazz: Kireyev was born in Bashkiria, the place that lies between Europe and Asia, and considers himself grown out of a mixture of two cultures, Russian and Bashkir. After forming his first ensemble Orlan in mid 80s, Kireyev approached jazz for the first time through rhythms and schemes of jazz-rock engaged with Bashkir folklore melodies.
«Caravan» as a title cannot escape from an association with traditional jazz. However, no straight quotes are there in the title composition or in any others. Kireyev's play definitely adds a touch of mainstream jazz into the ethnic fusion music on the album, and enriches it. We encounter suites ones again. Particularly the main song “Bashkir Karavan” presents a meditative Oriental dance with ceremonial horns and conspiratorial throat singing vocals by Kireyev, smoothly turning into a dialog between the saxophone and the trumpet and going back in the conclusive oart.



1. Hiding Out

2. Truly Yours
3. I Caught You In A Lie
4. Sunday Morning
5. Doo Boo Bop
6. Now I Onder
7. House On The Hill
8. I've Got An Itch
9. Petit Pois
10. Lottery Day
11. Her Beautiful Soul
12. Fly Free


Personnel: Randy Klein: piano; Chris Washburne: trombone (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11); Oleg Kireyev: tenor saxophone (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12). 

Style: Modern Jazz

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Reviews: All About JazzJazzreview.comJazz TimesAudiophile AuditionAllMusic.comJazzinside NYCSeaoftranquility.orgEjazznews.com | JazzTimes | Cadence Magazine


“A memorable modern mainstream jazz set that also mixes together aspects of Oleg’s Russian heritage, many adventurous moments, and subtle unpredictability…the type of forward-looking recording that grows in interest with each listen and is a perfect example of 21st century jazz.” - Scott Yanow, author and jazz critic
"The saxophonist employs his broad and brazen tone as an authoritative voice that floats in the wind. His is a mesmerizing, sensuous voice sometimes throaty like Coleman Hawkins, and at other times husky, seductive and hypnotic as big Ben Webster".- All About Jazz, USA“

1. Rhyme And Reason (K. Javors)

2. Sierra Nicole’s Bossa (K. Javors)
3. Springtime (O. Kireyev)
4. Happenstance (K. Javors)
5. What Is Love (O. Kireyev)
6. Chinatown (O. Kireyev)

Oleg Kireyev, tenor saxophone - Keith Javors, piano - Boris Kozlov, bass - EJ Strickland, drums

Style: Jazz

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Reviews: All About JazzVoice Jazz Consumer GuideReview by George FendelTheJazzBreakfastUK



Grammy First Round Nominations!

Best Contemporary Jazz AlbumCD, category 46


1. Mandala (Oleg Kireyev)
2. Intro (Oleg Kireyev)
3. Zhok (Oleg Kireyev)
4. Lullaby (Oleg Kireyev)
5. East (Oleg Kireyev)

Oleg Kireyev: vocal, percassion, saxophone - Valery Panfilov: guitar - Victor Matuhin: bass - Ildar Nafigov: drums - Jaga Sambe: gamby

Style: Jazz | Recorded: 2004, Russia | Mastered: 2008, USA


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Reviews: CD Review by Midwest RecordCD Review by Blogcritics Magazine | CD Review by AllAboutJazz | CD Review by Jazz.comCD Review by Paul FreemanCD Review by All Music GuideReview by Jazz.com | CD review by Howard Mandel

1. Scent of the North (O.Kireyev)

2. Bashkirian Caravan (O.Kireyev)
3. Iokhor (Folk)
4. Paraphrase (O.Kireyev)
5. Tonto (Folk)
6. Shaman Dance (O.Kireyev)
7. Fata Morgana (O.Kireyev)


Oleg Kireyev: vocal, percassion, saxophone - Valery Panfilov: guitar - Victor Matuhin: bass - Ildar Nafigov: drums - Jaga Sambe: gamby


Special guests: Sergey Manoukian: vocal, keyboards (7) - Victor Zhalsanov: vocal, marin-hoor (3,5) Raghu: digeridoo (2,7) - Dmitry Lee: bass (4,6)

Style: Jazz-Rock, Fusion, Contemporary Jazz | Recorded: 2007, Moscow,Russia

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1. Galaxy (O. Kireyev)
2. Deja vus (O. Kireyev)
3. Night Train (V. Katsman)
4. Lapland (O. Kireyev)
5. Dance of brides (folk Moldova)
6. L'Etoile (O. Kireyev)
7. Jazz Africa (O. Kireyev)
8. Oriental (Caravan) (D. Ellington - O. Kireyev)
9. Smile of Prince (O. Kireyev)


Oleg Kireyev: vocal, percassion, keyboards, saxophone - Valery Panfilov: guitar - Victor Matuhin: bass - Ildar Nafigov: drums - Njaga Sambe: jembe, congas, vocal


Special guests: Bruno: vocal, poetry (2,3) - Michael Smirnov: accordion (2) - Valery Belikov: keyboards (4,7,8)

Style: Jazz | Recorded: 2006, Moscow, Russia


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Reviews: CD Review by Lee Prosser

Tea Art

1. Spirit of water (Oleg Kireyev)
2. Ulun (Oleg Kireyev)
3. East (Oleg Kireyev)


Oleg Kireyev: vocal, percassion, saxophone - Valery Panfilov: guitar - Victor Matuhin: bass



Style: Jazz | Recorded: 2003, Moscow, Russia



A British Concert

1. I love you (Cole Porter)

2. Autumn Leaves (Joseph Cosma)
3. Blue Monk (Thelonius Monk)
4. St. Tomas (Sonny Rollins)
5. The Days of Vine and Roses (Henry Mancini)
6. Blue Bossa (Kenny Dorham)
7. Mack the knife (Kurt Weil)
8. In A Sentimental Mood (Duke Ellington)
9. All of me (Seymour Simons/Gerald Marks)


Oleg Kireyev: saxophone - Keith Bill: piano - Fred Barnsley: bass -Delroy Braun: drums


Style: Jazz | Recorded: 2002, UK

Romantics of Jazz

1. Yellow Camel
2. Everything remains the same
3. Jazz aria
4. Traveling in time
5. Caravan
6. Corcovado
7. Valtz
8. Waiting for news
9. Eugenia
10. Song for Tom


Oleg Kireyev: saxophone - Alexander Vinitsky: acoustic guitar


Recorded: 1998, Ufa

Song For Sonny

1. Polka Dots And Moonbeams (Jimmy Van
2. As Time Goes By (Hermann Hupfeld)
3. Wave (Antonio Carlos Jobin)
4. You Don't Know What Love Is (Dan Raye &
Gene de Paul)
5. Secret Love (Fain / Webster)
6. I Thought About You (Johnny Mercer /
Jimmy Van Heusen)
7. Tenor Madness (Sonny Rollins)
8. Song For Sonny (Oleg Kirejev)


Oleg Kireyev: saxophone - Joachim Mencel: piano - Arkadi Ovrutski: bass guitar - Kazimierz Jonkiesz: drums


Recorded: March 14-15, 1995, Studio Buffo,Warsaw, Poland


Reviews: Cd Review

Love Letters

1. Prelude (Oleg Kireyev)
2. Night Flights (Oleg Kireyev)
3. Dance Under The Water (Oleg Kireyev)
4. Where Are You (Oleg Kireyev)
5. O Mama Mia (Oleg Kireyev)
6. Love (Oleg Kireyev)
7. Somewhere (Oleg Kireyev)
8. Every Day We Say Goodbye (Oleg Kireyev)


Oleg Kireyev: saxophone, keyboards - Vladimir Belov: vocal (1) - Andrey Vashkevich: keyboards - Alexander Vinitsky: guitar


Style: Contemporary Jazz | Recorded: 2000, Moscow 


Reviews: CD Review by Lee Prosser


1. The Days Of Win And Roses (G. Mancini)
2. Meditation (A. C. Jobim)
3. Sweet Woman (O. Kirejev)
4. Love For Sale (C. Porter)
5. I Love You (C. Porter)
6. Romantic (O. Kirejev)
7. Autumn Leaves (J. Kosma)
8. My Secret Love (S. Fain)
9. Beautiful Love (V. Young)
10. Au Privave (Ch. Parker)


Oleg Kireyev: tenor saxophone - Alexander Sokolov: guitar - Sergei Oskin: bass - Staniclav Touleshov: drums


Recorded: 15-17 February 1994, studio "Wave"


1. Abdrahman (Oleg Kireyev)
2. Karabay (Oleg Kireyev)
3. Singing Reed (Oleg Kireyev)
4. Bashkir Country Blues (Oleg Kireyev)
5. Sabantuy (Countryside Jubilee) (Oleg
6. Snowy April (Oleg Kireyev)


Oleg Kireyev: saxophone, keyboards - Rustem Galiullin: trumpet and kubyz or Bashkir Jew's harp - igor Suchkov: piano - Oleg Yangurov: double bass and bass guitar - Rustem Karimov: drums - Robert Uldashev: kurai