Oleg Kireyev proceeds to enslave hearts of Balkan audience. May, 17 Oleg and  Eugeniy Grechischev are to play in Belgrade, Serbia at the prestigious Kolarac hall. Vasil Hadžimanov, a famous Serbian piano player and composer, is going to feature the show.


Kolarac is not a mere concert hall, it's a cultural foundation, named after Serbian philantropist. A foundation of rich history, which organizes numerous lectures, courses, music and cinema events. Being supported by such an institution means being in the limelight among Serbian listeners. 


Vasil Hadžimanov is a known Balkan musician, who had lived in NYC for some time, but then decided to play and live in Serbia. He has issued 5 albums, writes music for TV and movies, works as a TV host, has been awarded by the national government. The number of jazz stars he has played and recorded with, is astonishing. Matt Garrison, Antonio Sanchez, David Gilmore, Trilok Gurtu to name a few.


Oleg Kireyev becomes more known in Serbia due to the fact his latest album was included in the American Radio stations' Top 25 and entered "Jazz Week"'s main annual rating. In summer 2016 Oleg Kireyev and his "Orlan" band performed in front of 10.000 spectators at the Nisville Festival. 


Also, Milan Pavkovic (upright bass), Dušan Ivanišević (dr), Svetlana Spajic (voc) will take part in the show. The setlist will include jazz evergreens, russian ethnic jazz improvisations and popular serbian and russian melodies. 




Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to everyone! May the new 2017 year be kind to you, may your life be filled with joy, peace, love and music!


There's a pleasant gift for all Oleg Kireyev's fans and for himself: JazzWeek published the Year End Jazz Chart ' 2016, where we proudly discovered "The Meeting" album on the honorary 100th line! So happy to share the place alongside the greats like Kenny Garrett, René Marie, Branford Marsalis & Kurt Elling, Dr. Lonnie Smith., Yellowjackets, Joe Chambers, Kevin Mahogany, Hiromi, Kenny Barron Trio, right next to Tom Harrell! 


We thank all who's been with us throughout the past year and look forward to sseing you at our concerts and playing for you on the stages and internet pages!

jazzaheadOleg Kireyev is about to present his ethno-jazz act "Orlan" at one of the most significant music exhibitions, Jazzahead!, which is to take place in Bremen, Germany, 27.-30. April 2017. Alas, "Orlan" will not take part in the showcases, but you can find our stand at the music expo, where we'll share our music, promo materials etc., and where you'll be able to communicate with Oleg himself. In 2017 Jazzahead! will feature such jazz stars as Branford Marsalis, Kurt Elling and lots of modern, cutting edge artists (among those who speak Russian -- Vadim Neselovskiy). Looking forward to meeting you in Bremen! 

киреев дубна1The colder it is outside, the hotter it is inside the concert halls, especially when it's about Oleg Kireyev and his projects. Oleg is on the way to his massive tour, which includes dozen of cities! Nov, 3 Oleg and "Orlan" ethno jazz ensemble are to perform in Minsk (Belarus); bright local "Apple Tea" fusion band is featuring the show. Nov, 18 Oleg is to appear in Vladivostok, at the International jazz festival that is held at the local Philarmonic hall. 


Moscow is on the list, too: Nov, 25 Oleg Kireyev and famous Andrey Kondakov are playing in Olympic village, and Nov, 30 "Orlan" are giving a show at one of the most prominent venues -- Moscow International Music House. 


Nov, 27 Oleg's native land is welcoming its son: a concert in Ufa (Bashkortostan) is planned. Dec, 1 "Orlan" goes to Dubna science ciry, where a great deal of chemical elements were revealed. 



Great news! "Bashkir Caravan" album is finally presented on iTunes. All 8 songs, -- with love and by reasonable price. Please be ready to check out what Chris Spector (Midwest Record, USA) was describing as "A tasty world amalgam of stuff from Kireyev's native territory as well as other grounds he’s traveled, this is wide open jazzy world beat date with so many other accents in the mix it’s better to sit down and enjoy it rather than analyze it, particularly if this is your glass of tea. Check it out particularly if you ride the progressive world beat tip".


Oleg Kireyev Prague

Oleg Kireyev is coming to Prague to play in three local jazz clubs! The quartet will include three Czech musicians, specializing in straight-ahead jazz: Daniel Bulatkin (piano), the winner of the 3rd Prize in "Piano player of the year" competition in 2015; creative and masterful Josef Fečo (double bass), artistic and thoughtful Jiří Slavíček (drums).


Looking forward to seeing you in Prague to share our jazz feelings!


September, 2 Agharta Jazz Centrum
September, 3 U Maleho Glena
September, 4 Loop Jazz Club